Moon and Branches

Moon and Branches


A Moon viewed through the branches of a tree.  A rich orange Harvest Moon made in streaky red/ orange glass; or a wispy purple/ blue transparent moon; and a sliver of moon with dark blue streaky sky.  All with dark streaky brown tree branches.  Approximate size is 6" (15cm) diameter.

  • Additional Info

    Each Suncatcher is strung with fishing line for hanging, and is supplied individually bubblewrapped and boxed, with a suction hook provided.

    Do NOT hang on a door or window that opens.  Keep away from cats and children.

    There can be a variation in colour and textures in each piece of glass so no two Suncatchers are the same.

    Sizes are approximate.

    All designs are copyrighted by Muirne Buchanan 1995-2021