Pine Marten

Pine Marten


An elusive Pine Marten, instantly identifiable with its contrasting bib. Pine Martens are rare, but there, if you're in the right place like the Highlands of Scotland. They love peanut butter sandwiches.  Julian Clary came to see my Pine Martens and filmed them for the Nature Nuts TV show.  This Pine Marten is made in streaky brown glass, with a creamy bib.  Approximate size 16 x 21cm.

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    Each Suncatcher is strung with fishing line for hanging, and is supplied individually bubblewrapped and boxed, with a suction hook provided.

    Do NOT hang on a door or window that opens.  Keep away from cats and children.

    There can be a variation in colour and textures in each piece of glass so no two Suncatchers are the same.

    Sizes are approximate.

    All designs are copyrighted by Muirne Buchanan 1995-2021