Wise Old Owl Panel

Wise Old Owl Panel


The wise old owl sat on an oak

The more he heard, the less he spoke.

The less he spoke, the more he heard,

He really was a wise old bird.

This Wise Old Owl is a Horned Owl, with golden nuggets for eyes which catch the light and really bring him alive.  Okay that's not an oak leaf, just before anyone points it out. 

Owl is made in streaky brown and sandy coloured glass, surrounded by dark blue sky and sitting on a streaky reddish white branch.  I don't do straight lines so it may not be a perfect rectangle.  Approximate size is 20cm x 29cm.  

  • Additional Info

    The panels are significantly heavier than the suncatchers so require a sturdy fixed hook to hang securely.  Hang against a fixed window, not a door or window that opens.  Keep away from draughts and anything that could knock against it.   

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